Betting On Myself..

Red boxbraids and white dress
When it’s your time, follow your calling.

Hi, I’m Lala The Rose. Originally, Lala The Writer. But, apparently that’s being used way too often. I’m a twenty-something who has had a passion for writing creatively ever since I could write. I mean, come on. I was writing love letters at the age of four, and somehow I absolutely sucked at making friends.

Even to this day, it seems like there was never a place for me in the social world. But, I’m sure a lot of other writers and creators could relate. Being social isn’t our strong suit, we’d rather stay home alone and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Maybe even cook a meal for 5, cut on our favorite show/music, and spend the whole day eating while doing small tasks. You know, help us get over the writer’s/creative block to keep the cycle going.

I won’t get into my life’s story, but I will say this. I have come a long way. Very long. I remember thinking years ago that I would NEVER start a blog. I was more focused on vlogging, the video form of blogging. I know, I KNOW! Don’t say it. But, despite the constant battle of avoiding this, I realized something.

Writing is my “thing.” If I could sit at home and write all day, I would. In fact, I used to sit in the bathroom stalls all day at school writing books on Wattpad. True story. So, what does this mean for me? I’m taking responsibility for my passions and I will write the best damn blog there is. Cause, who’s gonna be Lala if I won’t? 

NOTE TO SELF: Love yourself, and who you’re working to be. NEVER take this life for granted. There’s so much fish in the sea! 

~ Lala loves ya🌹

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