Iris Melanin

Iris Melanin is a woman who believes in flaunting your roots. Love your skin, love your hair, love where you come from, love who you are. She’s passionate about taking care or your naturally coily hair no matter your methods, BE PROUD OF IT. You are not your hair, but your hair represents you at the root of your existence.


Iris has been on the journey of maintaining her natural hair for a few years now. Before that, she had routinely processed her hair with perms since the age of four. Growing up in a “black” world where the perception of beauty didn’t match her natural state, she grew into a depression. Pride in her hair didn’t come until she was able have pride in her skin. As you can see, growing up being told you had privilege that you never received can do something to your psyche. While spending her time embracing her lifestyle as a black woman in America, she will like you join her in that life long journey.


On YouTube, CLITS Aesthetics provides you with Iris’s perspective on being a black woman in America with pride and awareness of the truth in what’s surrounding her. Watch the video below to join the discussion!