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Looking to book Calypso The Poet for an event, interview, or any creative idea you’ve cooked up? Well, look no further!


If you’re looking to book Calypso for anything other than the options given, please send her an email at


If you’re looking to book CLITS Aesthetics please send us an email at


Before You Order!!


PLEASE take the time to email us before proceeding with payment! Just in case we reject your booking, that will relieve the hassle of wasting your money. We recommend communication through email before sending you to our website to pay. Thank you!


How To Order:


  1. PLEASE send us an email!


Your email must look like the example below:


Subject: {Booking Type} {Amount of Hours}


  • Describe event
  • Location, Time, & Date
  • Contact information.
  • Include attachments if needed.


Once we confirm your booking, you may continue the steps on our website.  

  1. Choose your booking “Type”
  2. Choose the hours in “Time”
  3. Proceed with payment.


To book Calypso The Poet email


To book our brand email


All sales are FINAL unless your booking is denied.


We have the right to deny a booking, if so you will receive a full refund.