Let's Collaborate!

Let's Collaborate!

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As you know, in today’s time social media has taken over. With that being said, we have an entirely method of marketing called Social Media Marketing. Along with this new and FREE way to market came independent artists and an insane spike of entrepreneurs. You no longer need record companies, nor do you need private investors. Nowadays, you’re holding everything you need right in your hands or on your lap.


Collaborating with new artists and entrepreneurs is a great idea if you’re looking to be social in this growing community of social media.  Collaboration can happen in many forms but it boils down to the industry you’re in and the content you want to create.


We provide you with 2 ways to collab with us or Calypso The Poet. That is Music & Youtube Videos, or you may choose both.


Next, we have the options to choose your promo content. You may choose videos, photos, or both.


Last, we have a promo run length in months that duplicates before the release date. If you pay for a 6 month promo run, that will mean 6 months before & after the release date. Therefore you will have to book the collaboration atleast 6 months before your desired release date in order to plan an efficient marketing strategy.


If you have any unique collaboration ideas, PLEASE Email us at



If your collaboration idea is music related, or you prefer working with Calypso The Poet specifically, PLEASE email her at





Please STOP what you’re doing and email us or Calypso The Poet before you pay for anything. It is important that we communicate the details and legal paperwork of the collaboration before we move on to the exchange of payment. If you skip this step, there is a chance we may not be able to get ahold of you. Therefore, we recommend you contact us first to avoid the inconvenience of wasting your money.




Step 1️⃣: Send us an email at


or CalypsoThePoet@gmail.com


Your email must look like the example below⬇️


Subject: Collaboration {Type}


  • Collaboration description
  • Contact information, location & social media links
  • Attach a few pieces of work including music, video, or photos


Once your collaboration is confirmed, you may continue to the next steps on our website!


Step 2️⃣: Choose you collab “Type”


Step 3️⃣: Choose your “Promo Content”


Step 4️⃣: Choose your “Ad Run”


Step 5️⃣: Proceed with payment


Once we’ve received your payment, your collaboration is ready and set to go. We will keep in contact with you through email about the collaboration details & move on from there.


Thank you for your time❤️