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OCD, an acronym for Obsessive Calypso Disorder, was written and performed by Calypso The Poet. The song is a freestyle she wrote two years ago.

She recorded the song on her laptop using Mixcraft 8, Sony headphones & a Yeti microphone set up in her Father’s electronic shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Today, she shares with you a song she created with everything she had at the time. Only to show you what she’s willing to give in the future.

Every two weeks she will be releasing an unprofessionally mixed & mastered song that was hand picked from her best work in the past.

Next year, she plans on releasing her first EP. Her EP will be professionally mixed & mastered & it is all original records.

In the meantime, watch her transform from the past to her present. The EP is in the works AS WE SPEAK!

Enjoy the music❤️