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Build A Song!

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Are you looking for a songwriter? Are you writing a song but just need a chorus/bridge/intro/outro? Are you a record company looking for a few demos for an artist?


We provide an efficient songwriting service that allows both you and Calypso The Poet to come up with the next HIT!




Make sure you email to discuss the details of your song and  licensing.


Once your deal is confirmed, you may move onto the next steps!




Step 1️⃣: Send Calypso The Poet an Email. (


Your email must look like the example below in order to be recognized⬇️


Subject: {Song Style} {Genre} {Mood}


  • Introduce yourself
  • Include details about the song
  • What will the song be used for?
  • Include contact information
  • Attach atleast 1 beat for Calypso to write to.


Step 2️⃣: Choose your “Style”


Step 3️⃣: Choose your “Genre”


Step 4️⃣: Choose your “Mood”


Step 5️⃣: Proceed with payment.


Step 6️⃣: Wait for your song and lyrics to be sent to you in WAV. format straight to your email in 2 weeks.


⚠️ If for some reason Calypso The Poet does not send your song on that 14th day, you will receive an email explaining the delay. If you were failed to be notified of the delay, you will be eligible for 1 free song of the same value of your original order.


⚠️ We do not give out refunds!! Once we have sent you the song & lyrics and we exchanged paperwork, business is done on our end.


Thank you for your time❤️